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Taking Flight: How Generative AI Has Become a Runway for the Airline Industry's Transformation

Learn how generative AI is transforming the airline industry, driving new efficiencies and enhancing the overall experience for employees and passengers to deliver better business outcomes.

OCTOBER 23, 2023

Generative AI soars to new heights!

As airlines continue their journey to modern retailing as part of their transformation goals, now is the time to take notice.

Download our latest whitepaper to discover how generative AI can be used to:

  • Redefine the passenger experience, putting the customer at the heart of your business ecosystem.
  • Transform back-office processes for greater resiliency.
  • Unlock new efficiencies and revenue opportunities.

Suresh Manwani

Associate Vice President and Client Partner, Sutherland Travel, Transportation, Hospitality and Logistics


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