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View our case study on how Sutherland's unique approach helped a large hospitality company innovate business processes.

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FEBRUARY 03, 2021

Maintaining Exceptional Customer Experience

As the world’s largest shared economy hospitality company, our client is passionate about its community experience. Over the last ten years, it has grown exponentially, driving record customer NPS scores and landmark business valuations. But this success hasn't come without its challenges.

As the organization has grown, so too has the need to deploy more customer experience management operations. It is crucial that both its hosts and guests receive the best customer experience possible. As well as this, maintaining the same levels of service when launching new pilot programs demands a partner that can effectively deliver in multiple markets while succeeding with consistent performance.

To maintain its leadership position, our client must continue to innovate. This requires a technology partner experienced in implementing new pilot programs, maintaining existing processes, and supporting cost-effective global launches.

A Perfect Technology Partnership

As a key partner, our Sutherland Labs team provides transformative services in design thinking. Our unique approach has enabled us to innovate numerous business processes throughout the customer journey.

Since 2016 we’ve launched nearly every pilot program for our client and introduced transformative tools to improve business KPIs. These have gone on to be incorporated into their core service platform. Collectively, this has enhanced their performance on NPS by an average of 40 points.

To support our client’s unique operational framework, we created a playbook to help optimize performance and investment when launching in new markets. With this in place, we introduced several digital tools to help manage and improve critical business processes. All of which were integrated into one holistic business intelligence platform.

Our continuous improvement framework has enabled us to match the scale of our client’s growth across multiple geographies, and maintain smooth operations throughout a disruptive global pandemic.

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