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How Sutherland platforms used the power of intelligent automation and meta-bots to optimize back-office processes and reinvent workflows for better business outcomes.

Services Robility, Prodigy
Industry Banking and Financial Services
MARCH 07, 2024

The Challenge

Modernizing Labor-Intensive Business Processes

Serving over 11 million customers across the US and Canada, this digital bank is a top 25 U.S. financial holding company. They provide financial services and advice across industries, ranging from auto finance to corporate lending.

Their ongoing success led to a growing volume of work. However, a vast amount of the processes in their back-office operations remained manual. Non-standardized business practices meant employees handled traditional workflow indexing and data extraction. Repetitive tasks were the underlying issue of their challenges: reconciliation processes were paper-based and the escheatment process was time-consuming for over 240,000 checks annually.

They needed a seasoned partner that could reimagine their decentralized processes into a streamlined, homogenized suite of operations.


The Outcome

Automation Removes Repetitive Tasks for Holistic Transformation

Our digital advisory services team performed a maturity assessment and examined existing technology vendors and licenses to redefine and implement an end-to-end optimized process that would improve productivity and throughput.

We designed and deployed a revised quality control framework to reduce human errors and simultaneously increase regulatory compliance. Our Prodigy™ platform brought together document processing, data entry, and queue management to streamline workflows.

Our team identified additional processes struggling to meet quality and compliance standards, creating bottlenecks across the value chain. Leveraging Sutherland’s own hyperautomation platform, Robility™, and implementing intelligent meta-bots, we automated previously manual escheatment check processing and reconciliations to save employees’ time and effort.

Tapping into our automation and efficiency expertise, our client improved productivity by over 25%.


"When a leading financial services provider came to us with completely manual and decentralized processes, we knew the exact solution for them. With a real need for better digitization workflow management and standardized processes, our team was able to offer their end-to-end advisory services and implement automation across existing inefficiencies. Utilizing our Robility™ and Prodigy™ platforms, we were able to provide time savings, improve productivity, and eliminate manual inefficiencies."

A Centralized
User Management Solution

Starting by evaluating existing automation efforts, we leveraged our Sutherland RAPID model to re-evaluate our client’s use cases by replacing their existing RPA solution software with our end-to-end hyperautomation platform Robility. We used our Sutherland Robility platform to connect disparate systems across the business and deliver a more efficient workflow for our client. We created a one-window solution for all Claims First Notice of Loss (FNOL).

We utilized Robility's native OCR, RPA, workflow, AI/ML and digital command center components to increase speed-to-market and derive more value from use cases. The Robility hyperautomation platform centralized the user management solution across various applications. This allowed us to effectively manage user roles and application access management while dramatically increasing productivity and reducing overall cost of both licensing and operations.

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