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Top 10 FAQs on Sutherland’s Mortgage App

SEPTEMBER 28, 2017

Today’s mortgage process can be stressful for the end consumer. That’s why Sutherland recently released a transformative app to at the Digital Mortgage Conference that will expedite operations and improve the home buyer experience.

Sutherland’s team received many great questions about our app at the Digital Mortgage Conference, so we compiled a list and answered these common questions below.

  1. What does your app do? Sutherland’s mobile app for mortgage operations improves communications and document collection, offering complete visibility into the status of loans every step of the way. Borrowers can now upload documents directly from their mobile devices and share them with their loan processors almost instantly, while offering full visibility to loan processors as documents are received in the systems. We can also facilitate messaging between the borrower and processor via chat and push notifications, eliminating the need for intrusive phone calls and emails through a straightforward communication method.

  2. Are you a loan origination system (LOS)? If not, which LOS platforms do you integrate with? Sutherland’s mortgage app is not a loan origination system, but we can integrate with any LOS on the market. We’ve designed the app to be nimble and easy to implement, so our teams can work together to improve the mortgage process for you and your customers.

  3. Can you send text messages in addition to push notifications? We can send text messages to your customers in addition to push notifications. We understand that all consumers have preferred methods of communication, and that some individuals prefer text messaging vs. push notifications.

  4. Many tech companies have apps that serve the mortgage industry. How are you different? While the app market in the mortgage space is somewhat saturated, Sutherland is unique as our solution improves the experience between the borrower and the processor. Consumers can now upload documents and send them directly to the processor from their mobile devices. Our ability to feed that data into the LOS will leverage automation to reduce errors and expedite the mortgage process for consumers.

  5. Everyone’s trying to accelerate the mortgage process. How does your product differ from others? As digital continues to play a larger role across industries, consumer demand for expedited service is unwavering. Sutherland’s mortgage app is expected to reduce cycle time by nearly 30 percent. Consumers will simply upload documents and communicate with processors directly through the app, eliminating the need to spend time scanning, emailing, mailing, or faxing documents to the processor. While many apps focus on the relationship between the borrower and the loan officer, Sutherland is focusing on an area of stronger impact between the borrower and processor.

  6. Where is the app hosted? Sutherland partnered with Cisco to build and host the technology on their servers, so you can rest assured that data is secure on a reliable platform.

  7. How secure is the data, and can you offer multiple levels of access? We’ve partnered with Cisco to not only host the platform, but house data on their world renowned, highly secure servers. Sutherland can easily create multiple levels of access to data from the app. We have designed the app to offer two digital rooms, with one room facilitating exchanges between the borrower and processor, and the other room granting other critical parties, such as realtors, access to certain levels of data to stay informed on the status of a specific customer’s loan.

  8. How do you get data from the app to the LOS? We will initially require the processor to move the datafile from our system to their LOS. With the second phase of the app, Sutherland’s artificial intelligence (AI) software will read the documents and send data directly to mapped fields within your LOS.

  9. Can companies using the app white label it to match their brand? Sutherland’s team is prepared to white label the app to match your brand. We even designed the app so we can easily complete the branding process for your business. It’s important for your organization to use the app to reinforce your brand promise to your customers, and we look forward to making the white label process quick and easy during the implementation process.

  10. Everyone is talking about analytics and AI. How can analytics help the mortgage process? Analytics and AI can help expedite the mortgage process, and drive new insights to support cross-selling, customer retention, product development and more. Sutherland recently acquired Nuevora, a leading data analytics and AI firm, that provides insights to our clients’ businesses every day. Our team of analytics experts are ready to drive new insights to your organization whether it’s related to your use of our app or even any other aspect of your business.

Let’s set up time for our teams to meet and provide a demo of this transformative new app that could revolutionize the mortgage process for companies like you. Email or call 585-586-5757 x6123 to schedule your demo today.

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