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Learn the various ways that Sutherland boosted customer service scores of a streaming platform with SmartLeap™ HelpTree, an augmented knowledge intelligence platform.

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SEPTEMBER 10, 2021

Improving Customer Experiences Through Better Knowledge Resources

Our client is an over-the-top streaming service and video on-demand provider and one of India’s largest premium streaming providers. The company spans across the Asia Pacific region with more than 25 million subscribers. The company employs almost 900 people and generated revenue of 16 million rupees (more than $200 million) in 2020.

The delivery team handles customer support issues including subscription queries, payments, refund scenarios, and technical concerns surrounding their mobile/smart television offering. The lack of centralized knowledge resources outlining the specific resolutions to these issues was leaving agents struggling to deliver customer solutions with any speed or consistency.

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores, along with handle times for both the chat and voice teams suffered as a result, causing the company to fall significantly short of their target call center numbers with an adverse impact to its program and customers.


Empowering Customer Care Through Augmented Knowledge Intelligence Platform

After analyzing the most frequent queries, the Sutherland team implemented their proprietary knowledge management platform, SmartLeap™ HelpTree, with the streaming provider’s call center system.

With SmartLeap™ HelpTree, Sutherland was able to consolidate and augment all the company’s existing knowledge resources by creating customized call flows through an easy-to-use decision network architecture. This enabled call center consultants to access and follow simplified, step-by-step instructions for addressing customer queries. Assisted by SmartLeap™ HelpTree, agents were able to ensure the information shared with customers was timely and precise.

Understanding that rapid process standardization was vital to solving the immediate business challenge, the Sutherland team was able to implement approximately 80% of all query-related call flows and knowledge resources in less than three days.

In addition, SmartLeap™ HelpTree training teams helped ensure that the supplemental content was accurate, effective, and easy for agents to access and understand.


Since implementing the SmartLeap™ HelpTree platform, our client has seen significant increases in its voice and chat support CSAT with more than $51,000 in digital savings through improvements to their digital media solutions and operations.


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