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Top-three media and entertainment, fully integrated service provider offering mobile, broadband, and satellite services to over 20 million customers in the US.

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Industry Communications, Media & Entertainment
JUNE 27, 2017

Our partner, an end-to-end telecommunications, media, and entertainment service provider acquired a large remote service division from a top electronics retailer. The rapid growth of the smart home customer base and the vast array of devices and applications that customers were attaching to their home network posed a major challenge to the existing customer support infrastructure, challenging every key performance indicator (KPI), including Net Promoter Score (NPS). Soon after rebranding, the demand for support outpaced capacity, and our partner was in need to address the new SmartHome and lifestyle support paradigm.

Sutherland transformed customer service for our partner by leveraging customer knowledge to develop a set of integrated support service and multi-channel tools, which are all available 24/7; the resources included voice and chat tech support, a self-help microsite, and device health check. Additionally, Sutherland redesigned customer support via its SmartLeap® platform, a proprietary technology-enabled solution, that continuously evolves and aligns to the changes and advances in the smart home. Within 15 months, the new brand operation was significantly transformed, delivering improved KPIs (including an 80.1 NPS) across customer service, and technical and sales support for most home-network SmartHome and lifestyle enabling devices.

  • NPS increased from 16.7 to 80.1
  • First call resolution increased to 88.67%
  • Time to resolve has been reduced by 10%
  • Cost of acquisition has been reduced by 59%

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