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Read how Sutherland helped a large supplemental insurance company improve their remote engagement with a successful work-from-home solution.

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Industry Insurance
JANUARY 14, 2017

In a technology-driven era of increased remote connectivity, the client sought to increase retention, productivity, and morale, and enhance work-life balance among their licensed agents. The client also wanted to provide support outside of normal business hours due to situations such as office closings, resulting from inclement weather conditions. Not to mention, many licensed agents requested to work from home, and the leading insurance carrier lacked a seamless way to facilitate remote working environments. The client faced many barriers implementing a work at home or remote engagement model themselves. The greatest challenge to overcome was the facilitation of seamless remote connectivity into their systems. Licensed agents, regardless of location, needed to connect to the client’s system in a secure and reliable manner, with the same technical capabilities available in an office setting.

The carrier also faced the challenge of facilitating seamless, virtual communication between licensed agents that work at home and others stationed in brick-and-mortar office facilities. Seamless communication and collaboration between employees was of paramount importance, as many agents share best practices with one another on a regular basis throughout the course of their workday.

After a consultation with the client, Sutherland implemented a cutting-edge work at home program for the leading insurance carrier that met all mission-critical objectives. Sutherland’s work at home solution provides 100% virtualized state-of-the-art processes and enables employers to offer remote training, flexible scheduling, optimized operations, and best-in-class technology for employees. The client transitioned 16 employees to the remote model, offering real-time response in situations where reaction time is very limited. Throughout the transition and beyond, white glove service was enacted from an IT standpoint, to ensure the program was up and running at optimal performance.

The remote model has been successfully implemented and the partner’s customers continue to receive exceptional experience on normal business days as well as in times of critical need.

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