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Insurance TPA: New Partner in L&A Business Agility

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MARCH 22, 2024

Life and annuity insurers are currently shifting towards digital transformation. However, many third-party administrators (TPAs) still rely on non-digital modes, which limits their transactional capabilities – and means they support primarily non-strategic products.

However, a new model is emerging whereby the TPA can be a vital extension of an insurer’s supply chain, serving as a partner in business agility and strategy.

In this one-hour webinar hosted by Anthony O’Donnell, Editor of Insurance Innovation Reporter, you will learn:

  • How modern core technology serves as an enabler of speed-to-market and digital customer engagement

  • How a modern approach to multitenancy unlocks new improvements

  • How a TPA’s ecosystem of partners supports customized processes

  • How a modern TPA can serve as a partner in commercial innovation

Nicole Comstock

VP, Service & Claims, Ameritas Life Insurance


Karen Monks

Principal Analyst, Celent


Laurel Jordan

TPA Insurance Officer & Solutions Lead, Sutherland


Anshu Biswas

VP, Head of Life and Benefits, Sutherland


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