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Transforming the Insurance Customer Experience: Understanding and Executing Transformation

Our report, in partnership with HFS, uncovers the state of insurance CX. Highlighting insights from 400 industry leaders, learn about insurers' common mistakes and concerns and the way forward.

APRIL 18, 2024

Disruption is on the horizon for insurance CX. Insurers must act now to retain customers, grow revenue, and stay competitive against established players.

But what are the challenges that are holding most insurers back? And what are the critical priorities for carriers when approaching CX transformation?

Read our report to find out where insurers today stand on CX and the switch in gears needed to bring about complete, end-to-end CX transformation. Explore:

  • Insurers’ plans for the future of CX

  • The macroeconomic headwinds stalling CX initiatives

  • The mindset insurers need to embrace CX transformation

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