Case Study

Improved after-sale services and reduced costs.

Market leader in quality control equipment.

Market Leader in Quality Control Equipment
Business Process Transformation
Customer Interactions Services

The Problem

Our client faced increasing demands, complexity, and costs to provide the product reliability and after sales service quality that gained them a 50%+ market share. Their clients, technology manufacturing leaders representing over $32 billion in annual revenue, all rely on our client’s equipment to meet their production requirements. These challenges were compounded by explosive microprocessor technology growth, intensified competition, and heightened chip design and manufacturing complexities. All greatly impacted the cost of chip design and development, accelerated time-to-market, and cost to manufacture. Accelerating the time to develop, ramp and attain production yields for each integrated circuit product is a critical success factor for microprocessor design and manufacturing companies.​

The Sutherland Transformation

We overhauled the entire after sales service process, streamlining the approach, implementing a Global Command and Control program, consolidating from seven to four centers, increasing after sales service and reducing costs.

The entire process is delivered through two teams:

  • Global Operations Center Group - manages interactions with and provides first point of contact for client field engineers when a machine is down and coordinates trouble ticket processing.
  • Global Parts Order Group - Sources parts for field engineers and manages logistics, and is highly dependent on team member knowledge and experience for an ever-evolving process.

This highly critical business service sits at the heart of the technology industry and can materially impact the performance of the majority of the global microprocessor giants if it does not operate effectively.

The Results

Global Engagement

Languages and stocking locations supported, serving Client Field Engineers

Improved Accuracy

Rating securing required part, nearest stocking location, best shipment mode to client site

Faster Resolution

Commitment success rate synchronizing parts and engineer to on-time arrival

Volume Support

Increase in monthly calls, emails, and shipping orders handled

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