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ISG Contact Center report names Sutherland a ‘leader’

OCTOBER 27, 2017

Sutherland stands out as a leader in three categories, including No. 1 for the Digital Enthusiast archetype, in Information Services Group Inc.’s Provider Lens Contact Center Outsourcing – Customer Experience Archetype Report

The Stamford, Conn.-based leading global technology research and advisory firm’s report details buyer types and needs, and illustrates how and why different types of buyers are at different stages of digital transformation. It comes from months of research and analysis that measures the relative capabilities of 19 contact center services providers and their abilities to address the requirements of four typical categories of enterprise buyer archetypes. ISG said the ability to satisfy the needs of these archetypes is what’s going to enable provider success in a rapidly changing customer services outsourcing industry.

ISG named Sutherland its No. 1 leader for the Digital Enthusiast archetype, saying Sutherland demonstrated “its readiness and expertise to serve clients on their digital path” with a “wide array of digital channels other than voice,” such as video chat, live chat, social networking, email, SMS, self-service portals, bots and avatars.

In the for the Digital Enthusiast archetype, Sutherland scored perfect 100 percent scores in technological capabilities, non-voice channels penetration, omnichannel solutions, proven track record and digital consulting capability.

“Sutherland emphasizes the importance of consulting in the digital transformation journey,” ISG said. “The company follows a five-step approach to digital transformation that is comprised of design, consulting and research, analytics, platform solutions and tech services components. Sutherland showcases successful digital transformation case studies that demonstrate an increase in employee satisfaction and NPS scores and significant cost reductions.”

The report also lauded Sutherland as one of five leaders in areas important to the Peak Season Buyer archetype client, thanks to its CloudSource work-at-home program that hires virtual agents and offers paid training. Areas of ranking include scale of operations, recruitment and training, scalability, security and compliance.

The report noted Sutherland’s CloudSource agents on average have three years of customer service experience and more than 40 percent are college graduates. And it has nearly 2,000 virtual agents in the U.S., Europe and Asia Pacific.

“Sutherland has been able to scale up to 400 percent during peak seasons,” ISG said. “Sutherland partners with WorkFlex Solutions to manage schedules for its remote workforce. Sutherland trains its employees through instructor-led virtual classrooms.”

Sutherland landed as a leader on the Automated Seekers archetype list as well, with high marks for automated channels, automation partners, automation solutions and proven track record.

“Sutherland says 40 percent of its clients have either implemented automation or will implement it in the next 12 months,” the report said. “Case studies of clients that have implemented automation demonstrate that Sutherland has been able to resolve many technical issues through automation, reduce call volumes and AHT for customers, and contribute to improved CSAT scores.”

Sutherland also scored high marks in areas important to the Customer Buyer archetype client. This included high marks for scale of operations, breadth of services, technology and compliance and pricing flexibility.

The ISG report further provided insight into key trends shaping and re‐shaping customer services and their providers, and how these trends are changing and will change enterprise‐side demand and use of such services. It shined a light on three developing trends:

  • With the introduction of multiple channels, omnichannel services is a minimum necessity for all organizations. It is imperative for organizations to deliver a seamless journey to customers

  • Implementation of automation technologies (chat bots, intelligent self‐service) is on the rise

  • Understanding customer needs and being more pro‐active is imperative. Thus, analytics will play a huge role in deriving meaningful analysis of all the customer data collected that enables organizations to deliver enriched and personalized customer service

Earlier this year, ISG named Sutherland among the leading providers in the Building 15 category for the Americas and Asia Pacific regions and it recognized Sutherland’s digital enabled Finance and Accounting services for industry leadership.

As a process transformation company, Sutherland rethinks and rebuilds processes for the digital age by combining the speed and insight of design thinking with the rigor and precision of process expertise. Sutherland has been helping customers, across industries from financial services to health care, achieve greater agility through transformed and automated customer experiences for more than 30 years.

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Jim Dwyer

Chief Transformation & Innovation Officer

Jim has pioneered digital organizations in the healthcare industry supporting over 100,000 physicians and conducting millions of monthly clinical transactions, helped design multiple payer/provider collaborations, and led consulting and strategy practices for digital transformation, interoperability, and application services.

Jim Dwyer

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