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Join the Webinar: Delivering Security for Remote Work Environments

Discover strategies to ensure data security, privacy, and productivity for your distributed team

FEBRUARY 28, 2024

Remote work is now commonplace. Enterprises that deal with confidential customer data and industries that have strict guidelines in data protection are deploying multiple solutions to stay compliant.

In this webinar session we will explore how businesses can:

  • Realize brick-and-mortar-level security while operating remotely
  • Secure confidential customer data without sacrificing employee privacy
  • Benefit from remote work - in terms of ROI, employee satisfaction and diversity goals

Sarfraz Amin A

Associate Vice President

Amin spearheads digital transformation, enhancing revenue, customer experience, and operational efficiency. With a decade in software engineering and product management, he pioneers innovative solutions integrating automation and AI.

Sarfraz Amin

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