DHL saves millions with Sutherland's automation solution

Sutherland Editorial

Processes and regulations that change from border to border created complications for global logistics and shipping giant DHL Express. Our client found itself in the awkward position of collecting taxes from recipients who were often unaware of the additional fees. This led to disgruntled customers, delayed deliveries and write-offs from unpaid collections, hurting its customer experience and profitability.

To improve DHL’s results, we turned to automation, which can enhance the customer experience, increase productivity gains, boost knowledge sharing and deliver new products – benefits that extend throughout the entire organization.

Sutherland transformed inefficient processes and partnered with DHL to manage collections, logistics, finance, accounting and customer experience. We implemented three significant changes:

  • Deployed automation, which eliminated paper-heavy, manual tasks
  • Established a central knowledge database so agents could quickly and reliably address complex customer queries
  • Implemented innovative collections solutions like SMS texts, chat and online payment making it easier for customers to pay duty and VAT fees, driving customer satisfaction up and delays down

Analytics and data insight allowed us to improve consistently business-to-business and business-to-consumer portfolio collection yields, saving millions of dollars. As a result of Sutherland’s work, annualized collections soared from $1 million to $22 million.

Our collaborative one-team approach brought better governance and improved process effectiveness. Even the most complex business processes can use automation to better customer experiences and raise profitability.