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Rethinking The Hotel Experience: Top 5 Ways To Greet Your Future Guest

Hotel occupancy is on the rise in many places, thanks to pent-up demand for leisure travel. While this is good news for hotels that have enough staff, overall revenue remains down for much of the hotel industry. That’s because conventions and mid-week business bookings haven’t rebounded to anywhere near pre-Covid levels in most markets. And there’s no telling whether they ever will, now that video meetings are the norm.

AUGUST 23, 2021

Rethinking the Hotel Experience: Top 5 Ways To greet your future guest

Increase Sales, Drive Loyalty and Grow Market Share

Hemal Shah

Sr VP & Global Head - Travel Solutions & Strategy

Hemal is passionate about helping the Travel & Hospitality industry solve business challenges through technology-led Innovation.

Hemal Shah

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