Robotic Process Transformation

Sutherland Editorial

Imagine a process improvement that increases productivity not by 10%, or 50%, but 1,000% or more. Envision reducing cycle times by days or weeks, and slashing operations costs by at least 45%. Picture boosting customer satisfaction by 18% practically overnight. Executives across all industries are faced with the need to please increasingly demanding stakeholders and tech-savvy customers—while reducing the cost of operations. That’s why more and more organizations are leveraging the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

RPA technology is a solution whose time has come. The “do more with less” mentality that drives so many business decisions has brought intelligent automation to the forefront of consideration when enterprises evaluate business solutions for process automation improvement. Executives seeking innovative process automation solutions that deliver the highest value and return on investment are increasingly looking for expertise in robotics and analytics from process transformation providers, viewing these two RPA solution areas as critical drivers of expansion.

Slashing costs is only one of the benefits of RPA technology. Freeing FTEs to higher-value work enables insurers to service more customers, dig into analytics that help drive more informed business decisions, and staff business projects that have been on hold for years for lack of personnel. Companies can put more resources into understanding customer needs and expectations, which in turn leads to market innovations that produce highly satisfied, loyal customers.