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Sutherland Carebot: Enabling HR Help Desks and Customer Care Teams Amid COVID-19

Enabling HR Help Desks and Customer Care Teams Amid COVID-19

MAY 20, 2020

By Philip Say, VP Products, Sutherland

It’s hard to fathom how COVID-19 impacts our community—our employees, our customers, and our businesses at large.

At Sutherland alone, we see first-hand how this affects our community of thousands of global employees. Employees and their families grapple with health concerns, contact centers shift to the cloud, work-from-home set-ups fast-track, and contact centers still deliver, no matter what.  

This time has also shed light on how misinformation—or the lack of access to the right information at the right time—has an even larger impact. People everywhere need medical guidance, wondering “Is it airborne?” “What does ‘shelter in place’ actually mean?” “How long do we expect this to go on?”

There’s a cacophony of questions with different answers from a myriad of sources.

That’s why we have decided to invest our talent and resources into creating something we know how to build—conversational assistant tools and virtual agents.

Carebot Helps Users Gets the Answers They Need

Today, I’m excited to share a solution that we have been working on: Carebot by Sutherland. As a virtual agent designed to provide reliable responses, Carebot lessens HR and customer care teams’ loads, who are overwhelmed by questions related to COVID-19. It provides up-to-date answers to questions around symptoms, prevention techniques, recommended actions if symptomatic, and links to important local information for the user’s respective state or territory.

Built upon Sutherland’s conversational AI platform, the solution delivers information from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) via messaging interface. Carebot helps users find answers to common COVID-19 questions from trusted sources quickly, as well as provides an overall helpful and quality experience during such a trying time.

To ensure everyone has the information they need when they need it, Carebot from Sutherland is free to all companies. Our team is on standby to help organizations with the deployment, so that businesses can focus on serving their customers and supporting employees.

Modernize Hospital Business Operations, Stat.

Jim Dwyer

Chief Transformation & Innovation Officer

Jim has pioneered digital organizations in the healthcare industry supporting over 100,000 physicians and conducting millions of monthly clinical transactions, helped design multiple payer/provider collaborations, and led consulting and strategy practices for digital transformation, interoperability, and application services.

Jim Dwyer

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