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Verego Awards Sutherland for its Efforts in Corporate Social Responsibility

Lauding Sutherland for their efforts in CSR, Verego awarded the process transformation company with its Corporate Social Responsibility certificate.

JANUARY 23, 2018

Lauding Sutherland for its efforts in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), preeminent global standard-setting, assessment, and certification firm Verego recently awarded the process transformation company with its prestigious Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) certification.

Sutherland began its annual certification through Verego’s social responsibility standard (SRS) in 2014. Each year since, Sutherland has won CSR certification at all assessed sites in four SRS areas: leadership, ethics, people and environment. "Sutherland has continued to show increasing growth and implementation of its policies and programs.  Particularly for this fourth year of certification, there was a noted improvement in the transparency of ethical and environmental approaches,” Verego Senior Certification Assessor Carole Kerrey said.

Senior Vice President, Dan Lang, echoed Kerrey’s sentiment: "Our latest Verego certification results reaffirm Sutherland’s commitment to make a positive impact in every community that we are in. It’s all about profit with a purpose.”

After working through Verego’s multi-pronged compliant management system, the certification firm praised Sutherland’s marked improvement in five sub-areas: Promotion of social responsibility in the supply chain – Tracking supplier attestation to the Sutherland supplier code of conduct. Employee health and safety – Monitoring health and safety metrics at the identified sites.

Pollution monitoring and continuous improvement – Tracking asset waste disposal at the assessed sites with a commitment to the habitat sustainability policy to reduce or eliminate waste.

Resource Use and Carbon continuous improvement - Tracking energy and carbon metrics at the assessed sites with a pledge to monitor global carbon impact.

Habitat monitoring and continuous improvement – Tracking conservation activities at the assessed sites with a pledge to the habitat sustainability policy to improve local impact.

The CSR designation is important because, among other things, it shows partners and potential partners Sutherland has already been vetted and recognized as a socially responsible global organization. That cultivates confidence and trust from other global companies, such as Microsoft Corporation. To verify that its suppliers operate using best practices in corporate social responsibility, Microsoft implemented its responsible sourcing program certification through Verego in 2012. The Microsoft Corporation works systematically and continuously through certifications like Verego that improve the sustainability of its partners and suppliers.

And as Forbes reported, CSR is vital to innovation, cost savings, brand differentiation, long-term thinking, customer engagement and employee engagement.

While there are several CSR rating systems, rankings, and documentation guidelines for organizations to adopt, many only focus on a portion of the full scope of CSR. Verego’s SRS certification provides a full-scope perspective for Sutherland and ensures adoption of best practices for all aspects of corporate responsibility.

Verego developed its SRS standard in accord with other prominent world standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative and the UN Global Compact. The Verego SRS brings together standards setting experts, experienced procurement specialists, and corporate responsibility practitioners to become the world’s only, full-scope certifiable corporate social responsibility CSR standard that can be applied to nearly any organization or supply chain.

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