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Sutherland is a Leader in F&A Process Transformation

ISG named Sutherland a leader in financial and accounting services. Read our approach to process transformation in the F&A space.

JULY 22, 2018

Our mission at Sutherland is to transform the way you do business, and that all starts with rethinking and rebuilding business processes to match the speed and demands of the digital age. It is our unique approach to transformation—combining data analytics and design thinking with process-level automation—that recently gained us recognition as a market leader in financial and accounting services (F&A) by ISG’s “FAO Digital Outsourcing Services 2018 Archetype Report.”

Sutherland is a Leader in F&A Process Transformation 

ISG posits that Sutherland is one of the top service providers to beat when it comes to implementing automation technologies and driving end-to-end digital and process transformation. Our place at the top comes from curating an automation suite proven to deliver end-to-end F&A process transformation that leverages data analytics and design thinking that keeps the customer experience top of mind.

By incorporating two distinct models—Innovation as a Service (IaaS) and Business Process as a Service (BPaaS)—we leverage technology so that your company can achieve speed to market and a competitive edge, improve end-user experiences, accelerate decision-making via real-time insights and transform crucial F&A business processes. It’s important to reiterate that the core of any transformation journey should absolutely be design thinking, and at Sutherland we take that to heart while approaching process transformation from the holistic, automation-first standpoint found in our IaaS and BPaaS models.

Prioritizing automation allows us to improve the efficiency and productivity of F&A services by implementing artificial intelligence, robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning tools that ultimately reduce costs and lessen the burden of human effort, freeing them up to perform more strategic work. Our cutting-edge automation products like Robility and the comprehensive Finance SmartSuite Platform, which is an agile, modular, cloud-based platform, facilitate the accelerated implementation of technologies and seamless management of them to deliver end-to-end automation solutions and a realized, accelerated ROI.

Sutherland is a Leader in F&A Process Transformation 

To provide better business insights and more confident decision-making, we work to enhance analytic capabilities through intelligent automation across various finance functions as well. This proves particularly useful to CFOs, who can more simply and accurately analyze their data and metrics to drive greater levels of growth and scalability while also providing an enhanced customer experience that offers better visibility across business operations. 

ISG also recognized us for our next-generation digital capabilities and market-leading intellectual property, inspiring us to remain a trailblazer and be a trusted, reputable source of necessary change for businesses. We’re committed to continue investing in digital labs and emerging automation technologies, developing digital assessment frameworks and design thinking capabilities that optimize F&A business processes, deliver enhanced business value and accelerate overall solution cycle time.

Download the full ISG report to get a more detailed assessment of why Sutherland is an F&A business process transformation leader. And to learn more about how we help organizations digitally transform their financial services, click here.

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